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n00bcon X – Rodolphe’s Report no comments

Hi guys,

Here’s my short n00bcon X report where I had a great time despite not being an alcoholic 😀

Wednesday – Playtest  with Cermak and co :

9 AM boarding in.


Ready for the 2 hours flight, this book is a great read 🙂

Noon, finding a sandwich in Sweden

Joined Cermak’s crew at Mindstage along with Jason and Charlie from the U.S, we’ll be joined by other swedes afterwards and the playtesting starts along with some junk food

I’m now set on my decks…!

Thursday – Wizard’s Tournament :

Round 1 : Guillaume Denoix 2-0 (1-0)

  • Deck goes infinite as it should and we have quick games and time to grab a pizza!

Round 2 : some dude on Mono Black 2-1 (2-0)

  • Don’t remember much but I went infinite enough to win the match =)

Round 3 : Magnus ‘Mg’ Delaval on the original Khalsa Brain prototype ! ! ! 0-2 (2-1)

  • G1 : Magnus destroys me with a Chaos Orb on 2 lands and Time Vault
  • G2 : I don’t draw my combo and die
  • G3 (for fun) : I combo on turn 2 or 3 😀

Round 4 : Brother Ben 2-1,  he’s playing a fun Fungusaur + Tim deck 2-1 (3-1)

  • G1 : I fail to combo and die to 3 Tims :p
  • G2 / G3 : I combo him out =)

Round 5 : Brother Jonas 2-0, he’s playing Sligh 2-1 (4-1)

  • G1 : He got Goblins, Orcs and Oriflames and I cannot find my combo
  • G2 / G3 : I combo him out before his orcs and artilleries can kill me 🙂

Head Judge asks who’s got 4 wins, he counts 8 people and so we’re set for the top8.

Quarters : Yuri Ancarani on White Weenie 2-1 (5-1)

  • G1 : he plays dudes (Benalish Heroes) and has a disenchant to stop me
  • G2 : I combo as I should :p
  • G3 : He overextends on a winning board position and taps out so I can play my combo and win :p
  • Really fun deck : 18 Benalish Heroes / 7 Crusades / 11 Plains / and I’m guessing : 2 disenchants / 2 Savannah Lions

Semis : I see Lanigra and some guy playing their semi so I ask Cermak if we should play but there’s a 3rd player who won the 5th quarterfinals… so we play short straw (except Cermak who was 6-0) and I lose, which is fine cause I was tired and wanted to playtest my sideboard plans vs The Deck with Alexis at the hotel

So back at the hotel I playtested and worked on sideboarding with Alexis and Guillaume (who finally decided what Deck he should be playing)

Friday – Noobcon X :

Replaced Steal Artifacts by Amnesia

Round 1 : Andreas Cermak with Cermattack 0-2 (0-1)

  • G1 : He casts ancestral into Mind Twist and takes the game quickly with A Serendib or whatever other beater
  • G2 : I play aggressive despite me being the control deck of the match up and get punished by a Mind Twist while I had permission in hand…

Round 2 : Kenneth with Pink Sligh 2-1 (1-1)

  • Don’t remember the matches but I won by controlling his aggressive deck

Round 3 : Alastair Kennedy with UW Skies packing tons of persmission 0-2 (1-2)

  • He plays/draws more Tomes than I do and takes the games away with Card Advantage =)

Round 4 :  Markus Lundqvist with Machine Head 2-0 (2-2)

  • The Abyss destroys his deck and I have great draws anyway, two one-sided games.

Round 5 : Alexis Catelain with The Deck 2-1 (3-2)

  • The playtest session helped,  the games are long and he floods while I get Tomes / Scepters.

Round 6 : Jimmie Hansen on RB Trolls / Haunting Winds 2-1 (4-2)

  • G1 : That has to be my best starting hand(s) of the weekend :
    • Turn 1 : Underground Sea + Black Lotus into Timetwister to get Mox Jet, Mox Sapphire, Mana Vault, Mind Twist (for 4 on turn 1 after an unwanted mulligan :p)
    • I kill him 10 turns later while seeing his whole deck thanks to a scepter and I know how to sideboard against his trolls + land destruction deck
  • Haunting Winds is annoying but Greater Realm of Preservation/The Abyss gets rid of the trolls and I

Round 7 : Scott Latham with Counterburn 2-1 (4-3) => 41st

  • G1 : I do alot of Timetwister / Regrowth with more mana on board while plowing its threats, in the end I win 🙂
  • G2 : I lose, can’t remember how
  • G3 : I play too aggressive again and get punish by Blood Moon while I had persmission in hand, I guess I never learn :p

I’ll post articles on how I built the decks and the sideboard plans for The “Su-Chi” Deck (which wasn’t a good choice)