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Extending the Unlimits (Alters pt.1) 2 comments

When I started playing MTG back in ’95 there was a rule that said that your deck was to be Full Alpha or No Alpha, it quickly translates into Alpha is banned from tournament play which is the mood I had when I started buying in Oldschool 93/94 in 2014! That means I had tons of Beta staples and once (2017) I wanted to pimp my deck / complete my sets I had to face a hard choice :

  • Rob a bank to upgrade to Alpha
  • Keep buying Betas that won’t feel like the final upgrade
  • Buy Unlimited and play budget

I chose a mix : I sold my Beta cards, “upgraded” into Heavy Played  Alpha when it was cheaper than my EX/NM Beta or buy HP Unlimited to have them extended and look “finally upgraded” / “mine”.

I’ve got lucky I found Stef Margouya to do my extensions and here I’ll show you the results…

Feel free to contact him / check his other work on Facebook or ask me for closer pics in the comments.

Artifact staples :


Orbs / Mines / Vises

Stasis friends!

Tomes / Scepters / Juggs

The Deck and beats like that!



Blue staples :




Stasis / Counters / Geyser

Love to be hated. Note that Tedin signed the Geyser after the alteration and he loved it; he even saved a picture of it 🙂

Sleight of Mind / Psi Blast / Copy Artifact

“Staples” :p

White staples :

Serra / Crusade / Lions

Sexy White Weenie!

Geddon / StP / Balance

Nice Spells ! I’ve got another Balance in the works, not an extend tho 🙂


Red & Green Staples :

Birds / Bolts / Wheel

My least favourite (Birds) and my favourite (Bolts) with a sexy Wheel

Black staples and Lands :

Lich / Bazaars / Mind Twist

Great extension on a card I wish I’ll be able to play someday. Bazaars to pimp my EC Naya Zoo deck =) THE staple – got another one (not extension) in the works!


To those who think I’m an asshole for “ruining” old school / reserved list cards : they were never gonna be for sale ever again in the first place so let me enjoy them as I want to!

I still wanna do Mana Vaults and Disks but since I play them often it has been complicated.

I’m also starting to get non extensions alters for the 1-of staples but that will be for another post in a couple months.



  1. James, Jan 28, 2018
    These look amazing! Can we get a picture of some of the decks fully assembled? Reply
    • Rodolphe, Feb 06, 2018
      Hey James, Thanks for the feedback, I'll try and post some decks next week. ~ Reply