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MKM Series Paris 2018 no comments

It’s been a while since we share some news on this blog, don’t worry we’re still alive, more than ever ! In fact, we gather every weeks on thursday night to play some Old-School & pre-modern (yes, we’re working on a new section of this blog for post about this rising format). Adding to that : holidays, no tournament in France… So it was pretty dead around here.

Time for some actions now ! French community will be present at 3 tournaments until end of year :

MKM Series Paris : Saturday 08 September – Location : Paris FR

Fishliver Oil Cup : 26/27/28 October (EC rules / Ravenna Rules / Pre-modern) – Location : Genoa IT

France Championship : 30 november / 01 / 02 December (probably EC rules / Ravenna Rules / Pre-modern) – Location : Paris FR


We also added a new static page for uploading pictures of Decks during tournament (WIP) : Deck Uploader

And a surprise for people attending MKM series (hopefully Guillaume will give us some preview on FB for those who will not be there)

EFREI : quick report no comments

Last sunday 9 peoples gathered for an OldSchool tournament as a side event during France’s Legacy Championship Cup, here is the quick review, mostly photos, some Decks & the video of the final 🙂

After 4 rounds & top 4, here the final top 4 :

  • Frederique Lafoux (1st) – Disco Troll
  • Arnaud Avenel (2nd) – Dreams combo
  • Guillaume Denoix (3rd-4th) – BRW midrange
  • Sébastien Kennel (3rd -4th) – BRW midrange


  • Philippe Royer – The Deck
  • Mathias Canu – BGW
  • Vincent Ruaut – Reanimator
  • Alexis – The Deck
  • Maxime – Mono black


Sorrow's path banner

Brewing for the German International tournament 1 comment

If you like Old School you probably have heard about the German International tournament

Sadly I won’t be able to make it even though I worked on a brew to get the max points I could think of while still having a nice deck to play. I even ordered jank from MKM for it and playtested it a whole session.

Since I’m such a nice guy I’ll share that work and fun with you guys, hoping you’ll enjoy it!

The Perks (Bold = targeted perk) :

  • *Fun player* – not playing The Deck or UR Counterburn: +2 points
  • *Half Breed* – playing one to three P9 only: +3 points
  • *Budget Master* – playing completely unpowered: +5 points
  • *Fresh Meat* – first time playing 93/94 in Germany: +1 points
  • *Grand Arbiter* – for multicolored decks, each color in the maindeck is represented with the exact same amount of cards : +3 points
  • *Summoner* – combined power of creatures in the maindeck exceeds 50: +3 points
  • *Child of Darkness* – playing at least 15 cards from The Dark in the maindeck: +4 points
  • *Wordsmith* – for each letter in the alphabet, play a card in the maindeck starting with that letter: +5 points

Sorry The Dark and I like playing with Power  🙂

The process :

  • Set up an Excel with a line for each letter (and calculating total ATK/colour split) and get running to get all cards sorted alphabetically.
  • Notice that there are only 2 cards in Q which aren’t playable (Quagmire in Black and Quarum Trench Gnomes in Red)
  • Notice that Will-O, Xenic, Yawgmoth and Zephyr finish the alphabet nicely and we’re set for a UB deck.
  • Add the usual suspects and Underground Sea.
  • Add some Erg Raiders, Guardian Beast, Hurkyl’s Recall, Juzam Djinn, Khabal Ghoul, Nevinnyral’s Disk, Oubliette, Phantasmal Image, Royal Assassin and Volcanic Island (as an island starting with V)
  • Adjust quantities and notice that you aren’t that far from *Summoner* perk so adding a Leviathan is a nobrainer.
  • Notice that you’re like a Project M / Disco Troll deck and that you already have Volcanic Island and several deck cards Main Deck to work on a red transformational sideboard

The final decklist (2 slots left in the sideboard) :

Deck Picture DeckList

Playtesting results (vs “real decks”) :

  • 1st  game you better dodge your unplayable (Leviathan, Quagmire, …) 🙂
  • The Disk’s / Hurkyl’s synergy is very fun
  • Xenic Poltergeist is a good card (gunnarsonbag.blogspot)
  • Turn 1 Nebuchadnezzar (mox + land + lotus) doesn’t win games 😀
  • vs The Deck: you’ve got game and the Guardian Beast+Chaos Orb lock is so great
  • vs Monoblack : Hyppy turn 1 is a problem (Might wanna get Bolts in the sideboard)
  • vs Prison : Erg Raiders and Phantasmal Images are good beaters / Disks and trolls are nice

Final words :

So sad I don’t get to win the upcoming tournament because starting with 14 points and such a fun and powerful deck it would have been a blast!

I don’t have time to go get my cards right now so a picture will do the trick!


Extending the Unlimits (Alters pt.1) 2 comments

When I started playing MTG back in ’95 there was a rule that said that your deck was to be Full Alpha or No Alpha, it quickly translates into Alpha is banned from tournament play which is the mood I had when I started buying in Oldschool 93/94 in 2014! That means I had tons of Beta staples and once (2017) I wanted to pimp my deck / complete my sets I had to face a hard choice :

  • Rob a bank to upgrade to Alpha
  • Keep buying Betas that won’t feel like the final upgrade
  • Buy Unlimited and play budget

I chose a mix : I sold my Beta cards, “upgraded” into Heavy Played  Alpha when it was cheaper than my EX/NM Beta or buy HP Unlimited to have them extended and look “finally upgraded” / “mine”.

I’ve got lucky I found Stef Margouya to do my extensions and here I’ll show you the results…


BudgetDeck : Back in Black 1 comment

I started Old-School at the end of 2016, early 2017 and as everyone who starts playing ’93/94, I was wondering : what deck am I going to play ?

There is 2 types of people : the first one owns a large collection of cards, the second one starts fresh.

For the first type, the answer is quite simple : you just browse a few blogs and find a deck that fits your mood < repeat every week >.

As for the second group, like myself, it’s a little bit more difficult, knowing that this year has been agitated with price spikes….


First Interview : Guillaume Denoix no comments

As we previously said on Facebook and in the First post, we’ll try to post some interview, with basics questions, because Old-School is about casual competition, drinking beers & meeting with friends.

The first “beta-tester” of this interview process is Guillaume Denoix, most of you already know him, met him or talk to on Facebook but you probably don’t know more, this is where the interview plays its role 🙂


Happy New Wizard’s Year no comments

The Boars wish you and your close ones the best for 2018!

As you should know, this year will be the Wizard Tournament’s one in Goteborg at the end of march.

We’ll be back to basics, where the fun began…!

For those  that don’t know, the tournament will  be Alpha only games with original deck construction (40+ cards, no 4-of / 1-of restrictions) and gameplay rules.

The brewing started and we’ve seen alot of pictures on Facebook so I guess I should share my brews too, until further testing I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about these.


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Brewing with Eureka 1 comment

Today I’ll be talking about Eureka and the way I built mine and my thoughts after about 20 games.

Initial list :

It has 12 “Eureka targets” that I should be able to play by themselves (minus lords of the pit)

It has 4 birds and 2 elves to ramp, alongside the 7 SoLoMoxen.

It has 15 green providing lands and the mox to make “sure” I can, on schedule :

  • play a mana dork
  • play Sylvan Library
  • play Eureka

It has Mana Drain and Mana Short to force Eureka through permission.

Results of the first test session (about 20 games vs Artifact Control and MonoBlack splash blue) :

  • Mana Short, Mana Drain and Braingeyser felt useless / uncastable
  • Eureka should be a 3-of as it’s easy to hardcast targets and having 2 Eurekas in hand is so bad
  • Lord of the Pit, Nicol Bolas and Animate Dead are too cute and not too efficient
  • Underworld dreams, The Abyss and Icy Manipulators are problems.

The deck lacks interaction for my liking therefore the tweaking is discontinued for the moment and the post is going live.

Feel free to comment with your own experiences.