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EFREI : quick report no comments

Last sunday 9 peoples gathered for an OldSchool tournament as a side event during France’s Legacy Championship Cup, here is the quick review, mostly photos, some Decks & the video of the final 🙂

After 4 rounds & top 4, here the final top 4 :

  • Frederique Lafoux (1st) – Disco Troll
  • Arnaud Avenel (2nd) – Dreams combo
  • Guillaume Denoix (3rd-4th) – BRW midrange
  • Sébastien Kennel (3rd -4th) – BRW midrange


  • Philippe Royer – The Deck
  • Mathias Canu – BGW
  • Vincent Ruaut – Reanimator
  • Alexis – The Deck
  • Maxime – Mono black


As for Decks pictures :

First is Arnaud’s Dreams combo, second is Frederique’s Disco troll, third is Vincent’s reanimator, fourth is Philippe’s The Deck, fifth is Alexis’s The Deck (probably), sixth is Mathias’s BGW 🙂

Missing : BRW mid range x2, Monoblack


Video of final :