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Happy New Wizard’s Year no comments

The Boars wish you and your close ones the best for 2018!

As you should know, this year will be the Wizard Tournament’s one in Goteborg at the end of march.

We’ll be back to basics, where the fun began…!

For those  that don’t know, the tournament will  be Alpha only games with original deck construction (40+ cards, no 4-of / 1-of restrictions) and gameplay rules.

The brewing started and we’ve seen alot of pictures on Facebook so I guess I should share my brews too, until further testing I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about these.

#1 : 40 cards RG aggro abusing undercosted Artillery and featuring the Channel/Fireball combo.

#2 : 40 cards RG deck with both Orcish bugged cards 😉


#3 : 60 cards version


#4 : Last but not least the plague rats deck! (42 cards because 42…)

Enjoy your hangover !