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Brewing for the German International tournament 1 comment

If you like Old School you probably have heard about the German International tournament

Sadly I won’t be able to make it even though I worked on a brew to get the max points I could think of while still having a nice deck to play. I even ordered jank from MKM for it and playtested it a whole session.

Since I’m such a nice guy I’ll share that work and fun with you guys, hoping you’ll enjoy it!

The Perks (Bold = targeted perk) :

  • *Fun player* – not playing The Deck or UR Counterburn: +2 points
  • *Half Breed* – playing one to three P9 only: +3 points
  • *Budget Master* – playing completely unpowered: +5 points
  • *Fresh Meat* – first time playing 93/94 in Germany: +1 points
  • *Grand Arbiter* – for multicolored decks, each color in the maindeck is represented with the exact same amount of cards : +3 points
  • *Summoner* – combined power of creatures in the maindeck exceeds 50: +3 points
  • *Child of Darkness* – playing at least 15 cards from The Dark in the maindeck: +4 points
  • *Wordsmith* – for each letter in the alphabet, play a card in the maindeck starting with that letter: +5 points

Sorry The Dark and I like playing with Power  🙂

The process :

  • Set up an Excel with a line for each letter (and calculating total ATK/colour split) and get running to get all cards sorted alphabetically.
  • Notice that there are only 2 cards in Q which aren’t playable (Quagmire in Black and Quarum Trench Gnomes in Red)
  • Notice that Will-O, Xenic, Yawgmoth and Zephyr finish the alphabet nicely and we’re set for a UB deck.
  • Add the usual suspects and Underground Sea.
  • Add some Erg Raiders, Guardian Beast, Hurkyl’s Recall, Juzam Djinn, Khabal Ghoul, Nevinnyral’s Disk, Oubliette, Phantasmal Image, Royal Assassin and Volcanic Island (as an island starting with V)
  • Adjust quantities and notice that you aren’t that far from *Summoner* perk so adding a Leviathan is a nobrainer.
  • Notice that you’re like a Project M / Disco Troll deck and that you already have Volcanic Island and several deck cards Main Deck to work on a red transformational sideboard

The final decklist (2 slots left in the sideboard) :

Deck Picture DeckList

Playtesting results (vs “real decks”) :

  • 1st  game you better dodge your unplayable (Leviathan, Quagmire, …) 🙂
  • The Disk’s / Hurkyl’s synergy is very fun
  • Xenic Poltergeist is a good card (gunnarsonbag.blogspot)
  • Turn 1 Nebuchadnezzar (mox + land + lotus) doesn’t win games 😀
  • vs The Deck: you’ve got game and the Guardian Beast+Chaos Orb lock is so great
  • vs Monoblack : Hyppy turn 1 is a problem (Might wanna get Bolts in the sideboard)
  • vs Prison : Erg Raiders and Phantasmal Images are good beaters / Disks and trolls are nice

Final words :

So sad I don’t get to win the upcoming tournament because starting with 14 points and such a fun and powerful deck it would have been a blast!

I don’t have time to go get my cards right now so a picture will do the trick!


  1. Mg, Feb 08, 2018
    Fantastic deck! I feel the urge to sleeve this up in a regular tournament :) Reply